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Find Used Cars in Cedar City

Cedar City was founded in 1851 and has remained a community which encourages everyone to pitch in and play a part. The city has a total area of 20.1 square miles, none of which is covered with water, and has a population of 27,000, making it the largest community in Iron County. Settlement began on 11 November 1851 with the arrival of a group of thirty-five men from Parowan, twenty miles northward, to establish an iron works. The railroad to Cedar City in 1923 exposed Utah's national parks to the world of tourism, and Cedar City was promoted as the "Gateway to the Parks." The railroad also provided an outlet for the products of the iron mines. Cedar City is located at the mouth of Coal Creek in south-central Utah. Its elevation is 5,800 feet above sea level, and it lies in a semi-arid part of the state with 10,000-foot mountains to the east and a vast desert area to the west. The area is surrounded by National Parks. The Iron Mission State Park is open year-round in the heart of Cedar City. The Heritage Center presents an assortment of cultural events and entertainment. This town is known as Festival City USA, it is home to many major events throughout the year. Southern Utah University, corporate headquarters to the Leavitt Insurance Group and major national manufacturing firms are also located here. The economy today has a mix of its past, with tourism, agriculture, mining activities, and industrial complexes being a big force. Skiing is big draw for locals and tourists alike, and outdoor activities such as mountain biking take over in the warmer months.

Used Car Information: Extended Warranty

When looking for your next vehicle, buying a used car is a great way to get a good value and save. Yet, there is more risk involved in the process. Buying an extended warranty is sometimes presented as an option. It will add on to the price but it may earn you savings – and a peace of mind.

It is always best to find a used car that is less then three years old; this means it will likely be under the manufacturers original warranty. Yet in as little as a year this may run out on a used car, and the transmission and other drive-train component coverage may not be transferable to your used car. An extension is the only option to have repairs fixed without having to pay. How do you know if you need an extended contract? It depends how comfortable you are with the vehicle; did you do your research on it? Is it more expensive to repair than others? The future of a used car is unknown, but try to determine what you might encounter down the road when deciding on the coverage. There are also different varieties of used car extended warranties. Some cover only major repair, such as a new transmission, while some also cover minor problems. One of the best ways to compare different programs is on-line. You can compare the coverage of the used car and can get no-obligation quotes.

If you do get an extended warranty for your used car, know the contract well. Some contracts require that you schedule for a vehicle inspection before the policy goes into effect, and others have a time/mileage waiting period on the used car. Confirm how the plan pays for repairs and how the deductible is applied.
Also, find out if the deductible applied for each trip to the shop or is it applied to every repair. Will the policy cover diagnostic time, roadside assistance, rental car charges and towing on the used car? Read the actual contract in full. Keep an eye on the fine lines, and review the "exclusions" or "what is not covered" section.