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Find Used Cars in Centerville, Utah

Centerville is a city in Davis County, Utah. It is part of the Ogden–Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 14,585 at the 2000 census. It is located adjacent to the easternmost part of The Great Salt Lake, and has a total area of 6.0 square miles, all of it land. Centerville was first settled in 1849 by Shadrach Roundy. Shadrach Roundy and his family also farmed in the general vicinity of Centerville that year. In the winter of 1849 Shadrach Roundy built a grist mill on Deuel Creek. He also made molasses from corn stalks at this mill. This town is located between the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake. Within fifteen minutes of Salt Lake City to the south and 25 minutes of Ogden to the north. Centerville offers a great opportunity to live in a balanced environment of business and residence; the city has been expanding rapidly as people become aware of the amenities that it has to offer. Between 1980 and 1990 Centerville's population increased with a 29.9% growth rate. This trend continues today. Centerville presents scenic views throughout and a temperate four-season climate. There are fabulous recreational and cultural opportunities available here. Eight major ski resorts are within a 45-minute drive of Centerville. The cultural vices of Salt Lake City are a short drive away. Centerville has excellent primary and secondary schools, and over 65 acres of parks and open space are available for individual, family and group activities.

Information About Centerville Used Cars: Exterior Inspection

When you have found a used car it is a must that you go over every aspect of it before you sign any papers. You can start with the exterior. Look at the paint, is it chipped or worn? Are there any deep scratches or dents? And of course, is there rust? Find out if the used car has had any body work done. Even if it has, the panels should be the same tones, and the doors should line up. Then look at the windshield, there should be no cracks, as even a small crack can grow to a big one. Try out the windows, whether they are manual or automatic. They should roll or glide smoothly; dry and cracked rubber seals are a bad sign. Examine all headlights, turn signals, and break-lights on the used car. After taking a detailed look at the plastic covers for cracks, make sure the lights work as they should on the used car.

Now take a look at the front and back bumpers. Look for dings or dents. The used car’s trim can be faded or discolored, note if it is this way. You want tires that are worn evenly, if they are not this could mean problems, from improper inflation to a suspension problem. If the rims are in bad shape, realize you may have to replace them to achieve a good looking used car. Now that you have taken a look at the detailed aspects of the outside of this used car, step back for a moment. See if the car sits level, and view down each side of the vehicle to check for any warping. Any of these factors that are true, may change the value of the used car, thus giving you reason to ask for a reduced price.