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Find Used Cars in Hurricane, Utah

Hurricane is a city in Washington County, Utah. Hurricane, pronounced “her-ah-kun” by the locals, is an alternative to the larger cities and tourist towns in the area. The town is so named for its year-round gale-force winds that were first encountered by Mormon settlers in the early 20th century. The city has a total area of 31.5 mi2. The total area is 1.39% water. The population was 8,250 in the 2000 census. This south-western Utah community is surrounded by beauty and adventure. The city itself is filled with tall, old trees that provide much needed shade. Museums and parks tell the history of the area and the community. Zion, Bryce and even the Grand Canyon National Parks are just a short drive from downtown Hurricane. Zion National Park is 19-miles from Hurricane and offers more than 200 square miles of nature to enjoy and explore. Hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders have several trails to choose from in the valley. Adventurers can scale the walls of the canyon, hike the narrows or do some back country backpacking.

Hurricane has seen tremendous population growth along with many other areas of southwest Utah since the 1970s and has blended into neighboring St. George. There are 2,762 households, and 2,201 families residing in the city.

Information About Hurricane Used Cars: The Test Drive

Not taking a used car for a test drive, or at least not a through on, is one of the biggest mistakes that people make. This is your one chance to see how the vehicle performs, including the drive-train, steering, suspension, brakes, and overall comfort level. Drive on as many road surfaces as possible, and take your own route, not just the seller’s recommendation. Focus on the test drive of the used car, and nothing else.

Here are some things to concentrate on:

Acceleration: This depends primarily on the engine power, but it is also closely linked to the transmission. A great engine coupled with a mediocre transmission will deliver less-than-stellar performance. During the test drive, make sure you like the power-train you've selected. Make sure to do quick turns, lane changes, and test out the 0-60 time to see if it is suitable for your used car.

Visibility: Visibility takes into account a number of design factors, such as seating position, vehicle configuration, mirror effectiveness, and body design. Visibility can vary greatly, even among similar used vehicles. This is a major safety issue, so be absolutely sure the field of vision is proper.

Ride comfort: Some people can tolerate a bumpy, stiff ride; some cannot. Some are looking for a used car with plush comfy seats and a super suspension. Comfort varies from on used cat to the next, so get a real taste of what this vehicle will feel like to you. Go over some bumps to test out a surface that is not smooth.

Cabin Noise: This includes engine, wind, and road noise, as well as squeaks and rattles on a used car. During your test drive, listen closely to what is going on. Make sure the noise level is something you can live with, and make sure you do this test at a higher speed on the highway. The highway is where it will get the loudest. Wind is another issue, and poorly designed exterior parts are the culprit; mirrors or roof racks. Certain tires, such as high performance or off-road ones cause extra noise. The test drive is a good way to find out what your tolerance level is for this used car.