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Find Used Cars in Lindon, Utah

Lindon City is located in northern Utah County about 40 minutes from Salt Lake City. The City expands East to the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Western Trail and west to the Utah Lake. On the south is Orem City and to the north is Pleasant Grove City and American Fork City. The elevation of Lindon is 4600 feet above sea level. The City has an area of approximately 8 square miles, 2.21% is water. In 2000, there were 8,363 people (1,935 households, and 1,789 families) residing in the city, and the average household was 4.29 and the average family size was 4.46. The climate is typical of the inter-mountain region with four distinct seasons, hot, dry summers and cold moist winters. Lindon is growing, but the city's future growth is restricted by the mountains, the lake, and the boundaries of the adjoining cities. The land is used for mixed uses; residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational. Only 1,581 acres or 46% of the land within the City has been developed. In the late 1800's this town was settled under a different settlement policy than the other cities in Utah County. Lindon was established on table land away from natural streams. Water had to be diverted from its natural channels onto the land. The settlement was originally known as Stringtown. An old linden tree growing in the town in 1901 inspired the current name, and in 1924 the town became incorporated. Interstate 15 goes through the town, and there is an interchange at 600 South, and an additional interchange at approximately 2400 West. The town’s motto is "Lindon: a little bit of country." The town has tried to remain true to this, and is certainly developing at its own pace.

Information About Lindon Used Cars: GPS

When searching for a used car it is worthy do first decide which option and technologies are the most important to you. Finding the perfect used car can be difficult, and sometimes extra options are the last priorities. But it is still good to know which ones you would prefer. GPS in used cars has become very popular, and many late model used cars would include this. If the vehicle does not include GPS, you can easily install one yourself.

The satellite-based Global Positioning System navigation network was first used in 1978 by the United States Department of Defense for military purposes. By the mid-1980s, ultrahigh-tech tracking devices that communicate with the GPS became available on the free market. The modern day GPS consists of 24 satellites. Each one laps the planet twice a day. The satellites broadcast constant low-power radio signals to GPS receivers on Earth, which is hold the device tacks people’s position. The GPS system calculates how far the device is from each satellite, based on how long it takes to receive the signal.

Some devices work on voice commands, and some offer other information, such as restaurants or gas station locations. One plus is that GPS reception is unaffected by hills, canyons, passing trucks. Though, they do sometimes fail to work underground or in a parking structure. The device can be truly helpful if you are in an unfamiliar place, and can even help with the value of the used car. This is a technology that is here to stay. No one really needs this, but after having used it, you may not be able to imagine life with out.