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Ogden lies approximately 10 miles east of the Great Salt Lake and 40 miles north of Salt Lake City. It has a total area of 26.6 square miles, all of its land. Elevations in the city range from about 4,300 feet to 5,200 feet above sea level. Snow usually first occurs in late October or early November, with the last occurring sometime in April. Winters are cool and snowy, with highs averaging 37F (3C) in January. Snowfall averages about 42 inches, with approximately 21 inches of precipitation annually. The population was 81,605 according to a 2005 Census. Originally named Fort Buenaventura, the city of Ogden was the first permanent settlement by people of European descent in the region that is now Utah. It bacame a mountain man trading center, but grew rapidly after becoming "The Depot" at the junction of the intercontinental railroad. Ogden is now a principal city of the Ogden–Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area. Ogden has historically been the second largest city in Utah and it is home to a large number of historic buildings. Yet, in the 1980s, several Salt Lake City suburbs and Provo had surpassed Ogden in population. Ogden’s economy a disverse, with the restored Historic Business District featuring distinctive shopping and dining, some of the best museums in the country, outstanding cultural events, and many new companies calling Ogden their home. There is also much recreation available, with skiing to hiking to kayaking. An extensive trail system, immediately adjacent to the city's eastern edge, gives residents and visitors immediate access to the foothills of the Wasatch Range. The city is also the home of Weber State University. Ogden is likeable in that is available by rail, bus, car, and plane.

Information About Ogden Used Cars: Qualifying and Affording

It is easy for anyone to buy a used car they can't really afford—even if you're normally a smart consumer. By spending too much you may not only have to cut back on things; you could be putting your financial security at risk. If you go into a used car sales knowing this, you are one step ahead, and to make absolute sure this doesn’t happen to you, there are some steps to follow.

The first step before buying a used car is to obtain your credit report. There are three national credit reporting agencies that gather the information. The recently passed Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act actually allows every consumer to get a free yearly credit report. It is important to know your credit score, as this will affect financing on the used car.

Debt-to-income ratio is an equation to gauge your ability to repay the loan on your used car. To find this, add up all monthly installment payments (car and credit card payments, but not rent, mortgage or utilities). Divide the total by your monthly take-home pay, after taxes and other withholdings have been subtracted. The resulting percentage is your debt-to-income ratio. You should keeping your debt-to-income ratio below 15 percent. If your ratio is lower than 20 percent, you are likely to get a car loan, but still make sure you really can afford it. Used car buyers get in trouble by not clearly realizing the difference between qualifying for a loan and being able to afford one. Qualifying for a used car loan only requires satisfying the bank's protocol on financial means to repay it. Lending institutions use different formulas to determine this, so the results can be different. This means, don’t depend on anyone else, but yourself, to know your true used car budget.