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Find Used Cars in Pleasant Grove

Pleasant Grove was settled by the Mormon pioneers. These early settlers were sent by Brigham Young, establishing the small community in September, 1850. In January 1855, the territorial legislature approved Pleasant Grove to become incorporated. The first municipal election was then held in 1855 and Henson Walker took office as the first Mayor. The original name of the city was Battle Creek, Utah. It was named for a battle which took place there in 1849 between Mormon settlers and a small band of Ute Indians. Pleasant Grove is in Utah County, Utah. It is part of the Provo–Orem, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 23,468 at the 2000 census; there were 6,109 households, and 5,388 families residing in the city. The average household size was 3.83 and the average family size was 4.11.
The city has a total area of 8.7 sq mi, all land. Sloping off the Mt. Timpanogos bench, Pleasant Grove is represented by a large, white "G" just above the city. In the pioneer days, when life was tough, "Strawberry Days" was created, as a source of social enjoyment and a celebration of the town and its strawberry harvest. Pleasant Grove is the home to this unique summer festival; it is the longest continuing community celebration in Utah to date. Although no strawberries are still grown in the town, the city hosts the annual festival, usually held during the third week of June.

Information About Pleasant Grove Used Cars: Avoiding Mistakes

Do not let excitement and mistakes lead your used car purchase into a land of regret. This complex process should be taken a step at a time, as many end up paying thousands or hundreds of dollars more then they should have for their used car or truck. Here are some avoidable mistakes:

Not Making Financial Arrangement Before You are at the Dealership

A used car shopper who hasn't researched financing terms is especially vulnerable to being manipulated by the dealership. The dealership's terms are likely to be higher then elsewhere, and they can use this as an upper hand in negotiations. That's why it's critical to compares for financing terms at banks, credit unions and lending institutions. If the dealer can offer you terms that are better than what you got elsewhere, you can always choose that deal instead.

Skipped the Trade-in Research

It's critical that you research the value of your current car before buying your used one. Find out what both the used-car value is, so that you'll know what you should be able to get if you trade it in or if you sell it yourself. Sometimes a private sale will result in more money. Stick to your price during the negotiations so you can get your used car's full value.

Emotional Attachment

Becoming infatuated with a single model can blind you to alternative vehicles that may be better for your needs. It can also cause one to skip the entire used car research process. Another downside is that you may be susceptible to a salesperson's tactics to make more of a profit on the used car.


Ignoring the Value of Safety Features

Many used car buyers don't know what the most important safety features are to have. ABS, electronic stability control (ESC), and head-protecting side air bags are all effective in a used car and well worth the money. Do not depend on the sales people to give you the safety information, research it yourself. This way you will keep your family safe.

Sticker Price Negotiating

Many used car consumers will conclude that they're getting a good deal if the vehicles is offered below the sticker price. Yet, you can often get an even lower price by negotiating up from what the dealer paid for the vehicle. When you know the dealer's true cost, you'll know how much profit margin it has to work with.