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Find Used Cars in St. George, Utah

St. George is a city located in the southwestern part of Utah, and the county seat of Washington County. It The city is 119 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada, and 303 miles south of Salt Lake City. The city has a total area of 64.9 square miles, of which, 64.4 square miles of it is land and 0.5 square miles of it (0.72%) is water. The climate has more in common with the Desert Southwest than the rest of the state, being the hottest part of the state, with maximum daily July temperatures averaging about 102°F (39°C). It lies in the lowest elevation region of the state, Dixie, with most of the city lying below 3,000 feet. The city is surrounded by mountains and red sandstone buttes, and it lies at the very northeastern edge of the Mojave Desert. The Virgin River flows through the city. The Santa Clara River also flows on the east side of the city before merging with the Virgin River to the south. The northeastern edges of the Mojave Desert are visible to the south. Zion National Park can be seen to the east, and the Pine Valley Mountains loom over the city to the north and northwest. The city borders Arizona, and is located between the towns of Santa Clara and Ivins to the west and Washington to the east. The main part of the city includes Dixie State College, a convention center, and a hospital, and it is located in a small valley surrounded by low lava and sandstone bluffs. The city's southern section, Bloomington, is more typical of the Mojave Desert, with desert scrub and gravel throughout the landscape. The southeast part of the city offers farming along the Virgin River, but like the rest of the city, it has become dominated by suburban-style development. A 2005 census estimated the city population at 64,201. St. George became the eighth-largest city in Utah, and it is being declared the second fastest-growing metropolitan area in the U.S. since 2005. The city, founded on a cotton mission in 1861, began booming in the mid-1980s, as a retirement hotspot and tourist haven.

Used Car Information: Insurance Money Saving Tips

When buying insurance for your used car, there are certain ways to save some money. It is best to always compare premiums offered with different companies, and to only get the coverage you need. Insurers sort customers according to their likelihood of filing a claim, then assign them to one of several categories commonly referred to as tiers. Top-tier customers who have had few or no claims in the past several years and live in neighborhoods where auto-theft rates are low can easily save 15 percent or more off the standard rate. But simply because you qualify initially or improve your driving record doesn't mean you automatically get top-tier status – so ask if you and your used car qualify. You may qualify for extra discounts if your used car has up to date safety equipment; i.e. air bags or antilock brakes. Any anti-theft equipment can often get you a break on the comprehensive part of your used car coverage. Kids can save: If you have children who drive, you'll save if they get good grades or if they attend a school nearby, you can save. In some states, completing a certified defensive-driving course can reduce your fees. And lastly, insuring with a company that lets you decide which parts are used and who does the repairs (not all give you the choice).