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Find Used Cars in Sandy, Utah

Sandy is a city in Salt Lake County. It is a suburb of Salt Lake City, and it is the fifth-largest city in Utah. Located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains thirteen miles south of Salt Lake City, the area was first used by nomadic bands of Paiute, Shoshone, and Bannock Indians who roamed along the base of the mountains as they traveled from their winter home at Utah Lake to their summer fishing grounds at Bear Lake. Sandy then became a Pioneer town in the 1860s. It was a farming community with a low population spread over a large area. Railroads arrived and mining began in 1877, changing Sandy from an agricultural town to a booming mining village. The railroad station was located almost directly across the street from where the Sandy Museum is now. In 1893 Sandy's population was over 1000 and Sandy was incorporated. The rich ores brought to the smelters provided jobs for hundreds of men and made Sandy a major hub of society and business. In the 1960s this rural town dramatically changed with its second boom. Population growth overwhelmed the physical center of the town, as neighborhoods spread out in every direction over the land. Sandy became a collection of small local communities with a family-oriented population. There is a wide range of businesses today, such as the South Towne Center shopping mall, Jordan Commons, and the Southtowne Exposition Center. It received the great achievement of being selected as the location of Real Salt Lake's new soccer-specific stadium, Rio Tinto Stadium, which was opened on October 9, 2008.

Information About Sandy Used Cars: Copy Cats

An unknown fact about used cars is that a certain model may have a twin without anyone knowing it.
Twinned vehicles are basically the same under the skin, but are sold under different brand names, prices, and are considered unique vehicles. The reason manufacturers do this is to reach different markets, while saving on costs of creating an entirely new vehicle. Twinned used cars are built on the same chassis and share most of their under-hood and interior components. Their difference comes in the sheet metal, amenities and interior design. Some used cars can even be considered a triplet, or more. These used car brothers are different from vehicles that only share platforms. Vehicles that share platforms can straddle vehicle types and sizes, such as the Ford Fusion sedan and the Ford Edge SUV, whereas twinned vehicles cannot. There are far more vehicles that share platforms than are twins.

A big reason that twins are more popular in the newer used car is that nowadays there are so many vehicle brands owned by one name, such as GM. It is important to be aware of this because twinned vehicles could be distinguished by the packaging of standard features and options: An item buried in an options package on one might be standard equipment on the other. Just make sure you read the options/features list very carefully. Another key difference between one twin to the next is warranty coverage. Again, this happens mostly with late-model used cars because vehicle twins exist today not only across brands within a company, but across different companies that share their engineering. The last consideration when choosing between two twins is their resale value. It is possible that one may depreciate much quicker than the other.

Why do we need to know about this twin business? When in negotiations with a used car, the seller may not be budging on a vehicle, if you have the knowledge to mention the vehicle twin, which may be at a different dealer’s lot; he is likely to strike a deal on the used car just to keep you at his dealership. It is easy to research this online, and may be well worth the time.